Ghost - The Musical

Background and Inspiration

I also had the opportunity to help out with some prop making for the university musical of Ghost (2019), where I was doing a range of different things, such as carving, painting and welding.

The other group project I had the chance to work on at university was Ghost The Musical where I got to work on my metal working skills, carving and paint finishes.

My classmate and I were tasked with deconstructing a school table and rebuilding it to be larger and adapted to the needs of the play. This ended up with wood panelling and being painted, inspired by the artist Jean-Michel Basquiat (as was the rest of the set and props).

My Contribution (Lamp Shade and Stand):

- Sticking all of the celotex together

- Turning the stand and the lamp shade

Credits (Lamp Shade and Stand):

Kirsty Baron

Processes and Materials

One of the main skills I used for the Ghost project was turning to make the bottom of the lamp post stand and the top of the lamp shade.

I started by using hard expanding foam to get all of the celotex to adhere to each other as all of he pieces were to small individually. I then started to shave pieces away to create the cylindrical form and to make it easier to turn on the lathe.

The Bottom Stand Piece

The project manager and I had discussed a shape that she wanted the bottom of the lamp post to be. I made a 'stencil' or sorts that I could put up to the lamp post to make sure I was on the right track and for me this worked really well. Unfortunately, this was as far as I could take this part of the piece and Kirsty then took over with the fibreglassing and finishing.

The Lamp Shade

I found the lamp shade a little more complex to do, mainly because I had a different idea in my head than a few other people. To resolve this, three of us came together and drew a design that I would follow in turning the lamp shade. Again, this was all I did for the lamp shade.

Background and Inspiration

As well as working on turning the stand and lamp shade I also worked on adapting some school tables to be more suitable for the magic in Ghost.

This part of the project was really a joint effort of so many people, from the model of the table to the painting of the wooden panels.

Processes and Materials

We started with a few school tables which were no longer in use and cut the frame into different sections so we could either elongate the table or make them smaller.

We had to make 3 small tables and one large table. Rather than wasting the budget in buying materials to make the large table we used the off-cuts of the smaller tables.

We then welded all the separate parts of the tables to make the frames to the perfect size that we needed.

After this came attaching and painting the wooden panels that would help with the illusions during the show.

My Contribution (Tables):

- Cutting and welding the metal frames with Miriam Woolf.

- Attaching the wooden panels 

- Painting the wooden panels


Miriam Woolf, Christina Killik, Kirsty Baron