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My name is Mathilde Ripoche, I'm 21 years old and have just finished three years studying the craft of prop making.

I did not always know that this was the career I wanted to pursue but now I am here, there is nowhere else I would rather be. 


From a young age I have always been involved in the world of theatre but I spent most of my time acting. That is until I met Rob Arundel (2016) who introduced me into the world of props. On an open evening I had gone into into his workshop and asked if there was something I could make, so he gave me an Audrey puppet (Little Shop of Horrors) to repaint. From then on you could find me in his workshop every free period and lunch time carving, sculpting, painting, testing new techniques and researching new ideas.


In 2018 I was offered a place at Greater Brighton Metropolitan, where I studied Prop Making and Special Effects. I was given the resources and tutoring I needed to be able to develop my making skills, it shocks me still to see how far I have come in just two years. Not only in my abilities but also in confidence.
After having completed these two years I went to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts where I did one more year of prop making which I have only just finished. It was great to meet new people in an entirely new environment, really showing me that there are many different ways to do the same job. This is where RADA was a great experience for me it broadened my knowledge and stretched my problem making skills as much as possible. 

Weird and Wonderful

- I'm bilingual

- My nationality is French, although I have been living in the UK for as long as I can remember

- I LOVE murder mysteries

- I'm very interested in health, fitness and nutrition

- My favourite colours are Orange and Yellow

- I don't like cucumber

- My birthday is Christmas Eve

- In my opinion, Autumn is the best season because of the colours and smells

- I have a fat cat

- I named my cat after Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter

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